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Common Client Concerns & Questions

While every investor’s situation and needs are unique, we have found that the concerns and questions which lead them to seek the guidance of an investment advisor share common themes:

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Financial Planning & Investing

Is my investment portfolio sufficiently diversified?
What issues should we consider when making our plan?
Am I too busy to look after my own financial security?
How can I maximize the benefits from stock options, pension, and benefit plans?
Do I have more assets than I need?
Can I afford an unexpected health issue?

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Can I afford to retire now?
What choices should I make about my pension – lump-sum or monthly payments?
What if my pension is inadequate?
What about my company stock or stock options?
What are the tax consequences?
What about my post retirement insurance needs?
Can I generate more income and still get more growth?
What about long-term care?

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Legacy & Philanthropy

What kind of legacy would I like to leave?
Can I help others without risking my own financial security?
What can I do now to ensure my spouse’s financial security?
Should I donate stocks or cash?
Can I give away ownership of assets without giving up income?
Are there tax benefits to charitable giving during my lifetime?