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Meticulous Due Diligence

Investment Research

AlphaWealth conducts continual and rigorous due diligence of investment managers, product providers and technology services. This work is invisible to our clients yet essential to our ability to help confidently deliver access to the highest quality solutions to our clients. The team at AlphaWealth utilizes a suite of state of the art analytics, proprietary screening tools and good old-fashioned number crunching to measure the risks and potential returns for hundreds of investment opportunities.

Our goal is to identify investment managers that demonstrate an ability to:

  • Control three key risks: 1. Draw-down 2. Volatility 3. Correlation
  • Deliver strong, consistent results over a full market cycle
  • Deliver return above and beyond client objectives
  • Preserve capital in down markets

Approved managers must also possess business and personal integrity, a repeatable investment strategy and
adequate capital and human resources.

Investing involves risk. Depending on the types of investments, there may be varying degrees of risk. No degree of downside protection is guaranteed and investors should be prepared to bear loss, including total loss of principal.

  • Manager Sourcing

    Our team’s experience and network of contacts provide access to a broad array of managers including boutique and institutional money managers.

  • Manager Due Diligence

    Quantitative: The AlphaWealth team utilizes quantitative models to analyze the risk characteristics of a manager’s net returns since inception. Qualitative: The research team conducts meetings with key personnel on a regular basis.

  • Committee Approval

    The approval of the Investment Committee is required to place a manager on our Approved List.

  • Ongoing Due Diligence

    The research team’s ongoing due diligence includes frequent meetings, calls and ongoing site visits, as well as review and analysis of updates, portfolio positions and risk/exposure reports. The team monitors each manager on many levels including management changes or other key organization issues, style drift, unexpected increase in risk profile, discrepancies of information or failure to meet performance expectations. If warranted, AlphaWealth may consider terminating a manager.